Saturday, June 1, 2019

Growing into a Channeling

Oftentimes in one of your channellings for a private session perhaps or to your students they will hear what they hear for themselves in your teaching but they will also take in the overall lesson that you are presenting with the Being you’re bringing through.
 I think it’s also important here to understand something. Your channeling may be getting printed somewhere, perhaps in a magazine or a newsletter or something else online and providing some good for others but here’s something important to know. 
 When you provide a recording to an individual perhaps or any type of recording of your channeling in any format, especially if it’s personal, it’s important to let people know that it would be good for them to listen to that recording from time to time.
 In life you grow, you change, you have experience. Someone might even be stuck on a repeated experience that’s baffling them. Maybe someone may not have anybody who can channel at the depth that you or others can channel to provide inspiration or advice or maybe they don’t have the advisors they need in that time. 
 Then here’s what they could benefit from doing. Go back and listen to the channeling they have received before. Because of some time of change and life happening, even though they heard the message at the time they received this channeling, that was addressed to their concerns then.
 There may have been things that were mentioned that didn’t quite seem to be timely to them at that time. That’s because they might very well have been meant for the future and perhaps that future has caught up to them now.
 So I recommend that you advise them to listen to old sessions even if they are getting good advice because it is possible to grow into a channeling.


Saturday, May 12, 2018

Minor Changes on My Blogs

Laws have changed in the European Union that have to do with some elements on my blogs, so I’ve removed those elements to comply. I hope these removals haven’t inconvenienced you. Do know that I welcome you all to read these blogs. Goodlife

Monday, March 19, 2018

Sensitivity and Honesty, Principals Part 2

It’s important to remember that a lot of the people who come to see you to get a private reading or a private session or what ever you call it - for them, this will be their last resort and maybe they’ve been to their minister, maybe they talked to their friends or their family, maybe they’ve been asking themselves questions their whole life - why their life is going this way or always be a better way - in short they’re coming to you because you’re their last resort. 

This puts you in a bit of a tricky situation because you want to provide, of course the best possible connection and the clearest possible connection you can make to channel and I know that you know that and I know that you will do your utmost to do that but there’s more.  

There will be times when people want to talk about a session after they’ve had it and you may or may not, depending upon how you channel, have some recollection of what came through you. 

If you don’t have any recollection of what came through you then you’re in a position where you probably need to listen more then talk. But if you have some recollection or if they start talking about it and bits and pieces come back to you - then if they ask you personally rather then the entity you channel what you think about this or that just say what ever your honest feelings are and keep in mind that they’re probably in a sensitive and vulnerable position and many of these people have probably never asked this of someone they don’t know, what ever it is they’re asking. 

So you have to learn essentially how to talk to people - and a interesting thing comes up here - alright. Many of you doing this channeling -alright - may not have always been very glib. Maybe words weren’t easy for you and you wished when you were younger or desired without saying it - you wished that you had all the words you needed in all the ways you needed to say them so that people would know and understand what you were exactly trying to say or that you would be able to help them or comfort them with just the right words. I’m not saying you all are like that but some of you are. 

So know this then, I’m not expecting you to be perfect - you’re human beings and so am I - we’re not perfect but we can try to be as much as we can be in the most benevolent way we can be a good Channel and while the person is there talking to us but only if they want to talk about the session - don’t you bring it up - alright - then we try to be sensitive, kind and considerate if that’s appropriate. Occasionally it isn’t but most of the time it will be. 

So, that’s all I wanted to say about that for now - alright. Goodlife

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Saturday, March 17, 2018


Sometimes people or even groups of people may approach you and ask for you to do something that doesn’t sit well with you. This is what I recommend you say and use as a foundational policy as well: “I only work in the most benevolent way.” This of course is not only a policy but is based upon the following. 

As a dedicated Channel working with the highest good in mind, you know that spirit you interact with and feel their energy is only benevolent. You know this based upon how you feel physically in contact with them as well as what they have communicated to you personally over time. 

Also spirit works only in the most benevolent way and can help to bring about change gently as long as all feel good about any change, slight or moderate, that they themselves might make to provide a change you may have requested for yourself or others, say in Living Prayer or Benevolent Magic for example. This also applies in advice, background information or other that you may bring through in channeling. 

If someone asks you to channel something that goes against your deeply held principals, you don’t have to do that. It might be something religious or philosophical for example. If it is something like that then what I’ve done in the past is to have a list of other Channels that I feel are clear and doing good work as far as I know and will refer that person or group who has made that request to another Channel who might be willing to work with them and their interests. 

If, on the other hand, someone or some group asks you to channel some thing or some entity that feels corrupted or even evil to you physically and/or mentally I recommend you do not do that. Sometimes this can even come up in a group you may have worked with or even an individual who is just curious and seems to be asking because they just wondered about that. It is up to you then to guide them away from that pursuit by simply saying no. 

You cannot save everyone from taking the wrong path but you do not have to run down that path with them to try to bring them back. Some things are just, “No” and that’s all you can do. That’s what I recommend. Goodlife

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Are You Working With Other Dimensions

Know this, for those of you doing what we call Magic, True Magic and deeper things - there are a few of you there in the world doing these things, that interacting with other dimensions where you are your natural self - your natural spirit self, your true personality - like that - alright - those dimensions will feel like reality because you are who you really are and you can do things that seem magical in third dimensional Earth but are normal for your natural capabilities. 

The more you interact with and/or are a portion of that to interact to do the good things you do you will feel stranger - alright - in the third dimensional Earth that you occupy the rest of the time and you may at times not trust what goes on in that dimension. It won’t feel real. 

So even though you may be subject to third dimensional Earth, meaning you were born and raised here - your physical body is of Earth, because of your awareness and functioning capabilities in other places which might even present you with evidence from time to time according to things that you actually see then a “natural” thing takes place and the natural thing that takes place is that you know what you know when you need to know it more frequently than would be the “natural” case for a third dimensional Earthian person.

So if you notice that you have beliefs that may be contradicted or are an element of a larger group - meaning temporal* - alright -  Earth time, than you can be pretty sure that this is an effect of being in your natural state when you are doing the work or when Beings from that natural state are visiting you or the third thing - you are observing phenomena, as it might be called in third dimensional Earth, that is literally in front of you or all around you and it seems completely comfortable for you to see these things.

So the reason I am revealing this to you right now is because in these times when Earth is struggling to maintain herself she will at times drop the illusion - alright - she’ll drop the illusions that she allows you to have on her third dimensional Earthian personality so that you can be who you are in third dimensional Earth and on third dimensional Earth and forget who you are so that you can accomplish the work of the Explorer Race but if it drops from everyone, most everyone else because of their conditioning will not notice too much. 

There might be some small anomalies which most people will brush off but some people with mental aberrations, either brought about by traumas of life or by matter that they consume - alcohol in small quantities in this case or drugs - sometimes the accumulated affect of drugs, will see more and it might cause further mental aberrations which is why sometimes people are doing things which seem to be absolutely crazy and afterwards really do not remember doing it. 

An example of this crime would be people suddenly for no particular reason driving up on a sidewalk and driving over people and then afterwards really not believing that they could have done such a thing when they are back in their prescient awareness. 

That’s a case of the anomaly affecting someone because of alcohol or opiates or chemicals that they are consuming. Well - and it is because in moments Earth must drop that not real aspect which for her, third dimensional Earth, in allowing you to believe that you are only having a life on Earth and nothing else for example, that she cannot sustain it because she must be her natural self in order to maintain, rebuild and stay alive as a planet, as a Being.

So, those moments are usually split seconds but nowadays sometimes several seconds - two, three - two almost three to be precise and therefore people are having really what amounts to visions. Most people brush it off but the exceptions are people under the influence.

So you need to know this if you are working with other dimensional things for your work or you are in touch with other dimensions or you are simply more conscious and functioning in your true natural state by interactions with other dimensions.

So if you’re having strange, for Earth person, beliefs or you’re having experiences that don’t seem to follow logically that is why that is.

Now I know you’re going to ask me what you can do about it so I’m going to give you a Living Prayer - alright.

You know what to do, first say the preamble where you ask for all the most benevolent energies to be all around and about you and pause after the energy fades just a little bit - it surges ja**, then it fades. 

Then say this, “I am asking that when I am on Earth and focused only on Earth for my life on Earth that I experience complete Earthian clarity and when I am doing my work that may involve other dimensions that I be able to do that in the most benevolent way for me and that these experiences be only of other dimensions when I’m doing the work and that my Earthian personality be clear and of Earth in the most benevolent way for me now.”

That’s what I recommend. Goodlife

*Referring to the time sequence on Earth
**I was raised where there were quite a few people of germanic culture and ja (means yes in german) is just something I say and you’ll find it here and there in my blogs sometimes. I don’t speak the language though.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

What is Deep Trance Channeling the Way I Do It.

I have been asked to describe deep trance channeling the way I do it and here’s my explanation for what it is. 
 For years and years in the beginning I practiced to be able to focus on one thing exclusively and over time I was able to do that.
 During that time of practice I was also able to build up a certain amount of what I would call ethics in our modern world. Those ethics had to do not only with the ethics I was raised with, which is about honoring other people’s needs and showing respect but also adhering to the ideal of privacy so that when I channeled for others on a personal basis that their private information would be protected. 
 The way I was able to do this and have been able over time as I have applied is to stay totally focused in what I am doing which is to create the clearest possible connection of myself and the Being whom I am channeling and to not be attached to or even particularly listen to what they are saying through me to others for the others benefit - meaning the benefit of the person asking the questions. 
 I feel that the foundation of what I am telling you about my process must be based in ethics because that’s really what it’s all about. It’s about a dedication to the well-being of others while providing for my own necessities. 
 This is not a job to go into because you’re looking for something to make lots of money, it’s not about that. It’s about a dedication to improving the quality of life by providing the clearest possible information that is available either on an individual basis when asked by a person or on a basis that is designed to reveal what is, to the greatest number of people which has to do more with books, magazine articles and others along that line - these days perhaps videos eh. 
 So aside from the concentration that I had to develop to maintain that connection in the best way possible, I had to give up a lot of my personal ambition. 
 We are all raised to succeed are we not? Even in some small ways - and it’s a hard one but when you focus completely on one thing it is possible to set all of those personal ambitions aside especially if you remain completely dedicated to improving the lot of the life of everyone in the best and most benevolent way you can. 
 It’s true that I am unable to improve the lot of some over others - meaning it’s true that I do not make an effort to compete by improving say, one country’s goals or political aims or one religion’s goals or political aims, so I understand when some people, because of their politics or their religion, do not like what I do. 
 That has to do with their beliefs and I understand that but just know that my goal is to serve the needs of all beings in the most benevolent way I am able. 
 Now, I know you think I’m digressing but it’s not so for I am answering the question as it was asked of me. 
 Now, my goal then and what I have practiced to do is to make connections with Beings who have shown to me over time that they are able to provide the greatest wisdom that would be of benefit to individuals in their individual circumstances for say a private reading as it’s called or as I call it, a private session and also to be able to provide from their point of view, history and what they believe is so about the world and the universe and all life. 
 I have asked it to be like that rather than asking for the truth - granted others have asked in their questions to tell the truth about this and to tell the truth about that and while I have been raised to adhere to the truth as my watchword, when looking about in our society today, both locally and globally, the word truth has been so knocked about that I am inclined to step around it and say, here is what I believe. So I will ask you to accept that - or to let it go for I am speaking what I believe here today. 
 So over time working with the Beings that I have been putting out their material for a while, and before that others just to practice, I have learned who on the spirit level means well and delivers to the best of their ability, knowledge and wisdom that will help - and who means well and delivers to the best of their ability the knowledge and wisdom that actually helps.
 There are a great many Beings in spirit who mean well and who would like to give knowledge and wisdom that is of great help but they are not always so helpful - and others who really are helpful. How to know the difference?
 It takes time and practice. The number one means by which I know is the energy that I feel from the Being when I’m getting ready to bring someone through. 
 It is a process that involves the feeling of energy, the knowing and the coming together temporarily while I’m channeling. 
 I have asked to be able to channel at the deepest and most profound level many times because if we want to have profound truths, alright - there I used the word, in order for it to feel as though it is relevant and yes truthful it must feel that way because what thinks true or what is convincingly true is not true enough from my point of view. 
 When I look at history books I can see that a great many people have been driven by what they thought was true or by what they were convinced was true but how true was it really when you look at the results. 
 I have discovered that the best truth is that which feels true right down to the core of your being and if you want to know what that feels like simply say - well, “When I want to look at blue sky I look up during the day.” You understand? 
 It has to be something that is an obvious truth for which there is a feeling that there is no doubt about it. The sun is in the sky in the daytime. The moon is in the sky in the nighttime. Like that, things that you know are true. 
 It can’t be mentally true only, it must be physically true which means that you know it is so because you have looked in the sky for yourself - not only because others have told you that it is so, no matter how convincingly.
 So, given these precepts and others primarily focused on practice and dedication I have discovered who is able to share, from their point of view, what will help individuals and what will help many many beings and what, yes, is true. 
 I realize you may think I’m rambling around here a bit but to describe what is channeling is not sufficient. You must know, from my point of view, that I want to learn how to do it, yes - in the beginning eh but I also need to know how to do it well
 I read initially books that were channeled that I felt good about. I read things that were foundational elements of philosophy. I took a little philosophy in college as well so I got the idea of what philosophy was. Philosophy was a point of view, an opinion that was believed by one or more individuals to have an everlasting truth. 
 From my point of view, while that was a satisfactory explanation there needed to be a felt truth - a feeling that is true. 
 So I have always asked, when I channel a Being and when I ask for a Being to channel as I did in the beginning when I was looking for Beings who had much to offer at the profound level - I asked to feel a energy that I could recognize as benevolent, deep, profound and yes - loving because that has to be done, this sharing of wisdom at a level that is dedicated to unconditional love of all beings so it has to have forgiveness built into it. 
 It is in the nature then of such love that I have discovered the energy that I recognize that provides the greatest wisdom for the greatest number. 
 So connecting with those energies I bring through the Beings that I believe will provide the greatest wisdom for the greatest number and I particularly feel good about the series of books that I have been able to channel called the Explorer Race series and also the Shamanic Secrets series though the other books have appeal as well. 

 Read them all, you scholars out there, and make up your own mind - or feel into it and see if it has value to you. Or if you prefer, read one or just a little bit of one. I support you in your endeavors to find your own truth and to come to conclusions that serve the greatest number in the greatest way and in the most loving and benevolent way. Goodlife

Saturday, November 22, 2014

More About Being Yourself

I originally wrote this with this blog in mind but decided to put it elsewhere. I wanted to make sure it was available for you though and that’s why the link.