Thursday, April 26, 2012

Being Stepped Up

In this video I explain some of the things I did in the beginning when I was learning how to channel and when I was learning how to bring through as much benevolent energy as I could radiate for the betterment of all beings.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Getting Tired After or During Your Sessions?

I want to talk to you a little bit today about getting tired after you do a session. This is something that will happen for some of you doing private sessions for people. Sometimes also people will say - well, I thought you weren't supposed to get tired - and give you all kinds of stories they believe or they may have heard about how you should do this or how you should do that and so on but in reality this is why you get tired.

Alright, if you're doing a private session for someone and you're channeling a being you've been channeling for a while and you don't normally get tired unless you've been channeling for hours or something like that but you're tired after the session - it is entirely because of the resistance

People will ask questions but sometimes they'll be afraid of the answers even before you've begun to channel anything or perhaps when you've just begun. Even so, the being speaks through you because they have love for the person that's asking the question and of course they have love for you as well but it tires you out physically because of the questioners resistance. So just know that that is the reason.

You don't have to mention their resistance to the people even if they say something to you about your being tired as I mentioned above because it takes a certain amount of courage for a person to come to you to get a private session even though sometimes they're afraid of what you might say because they might be asking questions about things that they're seriously concerned about.

So, don't be shy to mention that you need to rest a bit if you happen to get tired but if you do get tired make sure that you will have time to lie down. So don't make it a habit to book sessions one right after the other. This is a very speedy way to get exhausted and burn yourself out before your time.

So this is what I recommend even if you've been doing this for a while. Make sure that there's at least a half an hour, unless you're getting a little bit older like me :) or if you have other concerns about your health or well-being then it could be longer if you feel a need for it, between private sessions or between private and public sessions because you never know how resistant someone's going to be even in a public session where there may be many people present and if you don't have time to recover between those sessions - well, the whole process will get old before it's time. 

Okay. Goodlife.