Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Uncomplicating Your Life

Make sure that all the devices you keep to record what you are speaking as a Channel are simple and uncomplicated. It does not matter what you are normally able to do while you're in your conscious mind doing your workaday everyday things or doing your job or your profession - whatever it is that you do for work or your family activities and so on. 

You may be able to do many things, to multitask as it is said, or to do things that are precise and require your full attention but when you are channeling or practicing your channeling you will be focused on one thing only regardless of what is coming out of your mouth as words or even in your body as motions or passing though you, an energy, this is possible and more. You will be focused on one thing and that is allowing yourself to be inspired and allowing those words to pass through you and those energies to pass through you for the greatest good of all beings, including yourself - don't forget that one. 

Keep your recorder and other instruments you may use to transcribe the material that comes through as simple and uncomplicated as possible

"Why," you might ask. "I can handle all kinds of technical things," you might say. Sure, and I'm not doubting that. However, in the moment of inspiration and when you're focused on the one thing of allowing yourself to say these words, to make these motions, to have this energy flow through you - this energy of inspiration and possibly a Being that has wisdom, knowledge and love then it is important to uncomplicate your life. 

This is why you will not be able to do that which you normally do on a day to day or even moment to moment basis. You will find that even your words that come through you will - in the beginning and during much of your practice time before you are putting these things out in public - will not be the same type of vocabulary you normally have. 

It will be simplified. You might speak very slowly, you might even at times speak very quickly and the motor skills - as it is called - how you function physically will change. You will most definitely not be able to do things that require multiple steps like you might find with say - a handheld digital recorder before channeling, during channeling and possibly even for a while afterwards.

This is why. When you are focused on that one thing it tends to be somewhat exclusionary of other things. That's why in the beginning it might be good at some point to have someone ask questions if there is more than one question during a session so you don't have to stop and think. And that stopping and thinking has everything to do with why you keep your instruments that you use: your recorder, your pencil, your pen, your paper as simple and uncomplicated as possible because if you don't, you will have to stop and think and that could well take you out of your focus and even interrupt the flow of the energy. 

Many of you who multitask now are not aware of the thought or the steps you take to do more than one thing at once but when you learn to channel and come through clearly for the good of all beings you will need to keep it simple. Always remember that. 

Keeping it simple has everything to do with being able to allow the most benevolent beings to speak through you in ways that will inspire you and others and with energies that may well activate you and others to greater and greater benevolence.