Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Practice and Training Advice

Remember, anytime you have a question either write it down immediately or if you're on your own and you can practice your channeling that's an excellent time to immediately respond to that question. 

Make a connection with whomever you have the greatest confidence in of the beings that you're channeling regardless of their names, as long as you feel good about them. Then respond in the moment when you have that question. 

Remember, you're practicing it first and it doesn't matter whether you've read or heard about or even sense that others have responded to this question. Such as, "What is the meaning of life" and where is this or who is that really - things like that and a great many myriads and myriads of other questions because in the moment of asking or thinking that question there will always be a surge of inspiration that follows it

Keep in mind that in the beginning many of your questions will be about personal things. After all, one of the driving forces in our lives is to try and understand our own lives and the conditions in which we live. So, even though many of those questions you'll have and channel on in the beginning and even through the middle time of practice will not be accurate - alright. Many times because you have strong feelings about it or even because you have raging doubts about it they'll be a tendency to be expressing unconsciously your personal opinion without that much inspiration from the being you're channeling. 

Don't let this worry you. Don't overly criticize yourself for it. Just listen every time you do some channeling - listen back to it. Sometimes you'll hear bits and pieces that you know you don't know or didn't know. You'll have a feeling that this is a wonderful piece of inspiration. Sometimes you'll hear something that'll make you wince because you'll recognize an argument you've performed before and even though it might be coming forth in a more eloquent manner you recognize that this is still a biased comment on your part masked in the veil of channeling. So, as I say, don't be overly critical of what you receive in your practice to channel but do channel. 

There is not too much I can say about the value of questions. They are very important. Many of us have been trained to not ask questions but this is different. You are looking for and desiring to have a form of inspiration that goes beyond the mundane and can reach great heights and even spread in all directions and cultivate areas of wisdom that you did not even consider to have existed. In this way you can bring forth in time great value to people but in the beginning you must simply allow yourself to speak without restricting what comes forth. 

Always try to record this. So get yourself a little recorder. It doesn't have to be fancy, it just has to be reliable. It doesn't have to be something that achieves all the nuances of your voice. You just have to be able to understand it so you can at least listen back to it and I would recommend transcribing it either by hand or on your computer or whatever other means you have to make some kind of a document of it so that you can read it. It may not be as uplifting or inspiring as you hoped that it would be but it may in time. Just keep at it and you might find that it's worth doing. 

Remember, this is a lifelong goal to channel clearly and provide the most benevolent and worthwhile inspiration to others. Don't be attached to doing it every time but many times that is enough of a desire. 

Also, especially in the beginning and during the time of your training and practice let go of your need to be as good as whoever you're comparing yourself to. Just know that practice and training is meant for that and not meant for the final results. The final results will always come with the feelings of inspiration physically and will be delivered in such a way as you will know - you weren't really thinking that but it feels good to you. 

In time I will say more about these things but I want to leave these messages, these notes, these reminders to you not only as a record of my having passed this way but more importantly as a support to you.