Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Burnout Hazards

These days because more and more people will be wanting or needing the insights you can bring through, you may find that you have a tendency to work more then you would like.

I really recommend you set up certain hours* that you're available to do this work even though you may or may not actually have the work to do at those times. 

Now this is not necessarily something that has to be publicized but you can make it public if you like. By doing that you might head off certain problems that come with the work and that's that people might want to call you anytime day or night** because something's come up for them and they feel a pressing need to know more about it. 

I grant that there will be times when you will indulge that - meaning you will also feel that it is urgent for them to have something and you will channel for them for maybe 5 minutes over the phone but the problem with this is that they can either become dependent upon you which may not be good for them or more to the point since I'm speaking to you as individuals you might find that this becomes draining for you. 

You must be very careful not to get too involved in getting too tired as I've mentioned before because if you get too drained all the time you could burnout with this and by burning out I mean that you could feel exhausted all the time and you might not even be aware of why

So set up a couple of things, I recommend. Those hours could be one but also make it crystal clear that there are 2 days of the week that you are not to be called or that you are unavailable. You can pick weekend days, you can pick weekdays - it's entirely up to you. I would recommend one weekend day perhaps and one day in the middle of the week so that you can have time off to do what you need to do for yourself or just to completely rest and relax

I think that if you do that your body will feel alright with your work and your body is made up of Mother Earth and therefore has wisdom and knowledge that you inherit from the physical matter of Mother Earth. Mother Earth knows when to rest so you can take a lesson from her as well. 


*I recommend that you feel into the times that feel best to you for any day or week to do your sessions. Don't be attached to a regular schedule. Your hours where the energy feels like it will be best for you might vary.
** It's important to have appointment times so you can prepare in the ways that are right for you to do channeled sessions for people. 
It is also important for the people to understand that these moments of wisdom and guidance that you're able to bring through will be best received by them at the appointed hour(s) because you felt that the energy was right for the best you have to offer to come through at those times for them.