Thursday, June 27, 2013

Channel inside a circle of people? I don't Recommend It.

I really strongly recommend that you do not under any circumstances, whether you are a Professional Channel or working towards that, sit in the center of a circle and channel. That seems to be something that people think is really a good thing but it has hazards. 

Primarily it means that people will be behind your back or directly to one side of you or the other. The energies you are channeling may come in through the back of your head, the back of your neck, from the left side of your head or even from the left side of your chest. So I recommend that you do not have people in the audience to either side of you or in back of you. 

The reason is simple. The people who might be sitting behind you - might be sitting to, say your left side for example - they could have thoughts, feelings, all kinds of stuff go through them like all people do - we all have these things but the energy needs to be just right for you - alright - and you need to be able to say - it's alright to say this - that you need to have this and this and this in order to channel well. Not only so that people who are there would be able to enjoy it but so that you will be as comfortable as possible so as to be able to channel in the most benevolent way for all beings. 

It is alright to say that. Remember to state your needs so that everyone is clear and there is as little confusion as possible as to the environment you need. 

There is an exception, as far as those behind you and to either side, that will sometimes happen and that might be if there is a cat or a dog that you feel comfortable with especially if you get the impression yourself that they may be spiritual. 

Perhaps they will lie down and sleep or in the case of some spiritual cats or dogs support the energy of the channeling just by being there. Welcome them if their presence feels good to you while allowing them to come and go as they please.

Now the Beings you channel might at some point invite somebody to come up and sit next to them (you) but that will be up to the Beings, should that ever happen and it is not typical.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Comfort Where You Publicly Channel

Before you begin to channel whether you're in your practice sessions or even when you're publicly channeling I recommend you say this, "I am asking that I be insulated and protected in the most benevolent way for me while I bring through the Beings that I'm practicing with." In the case of publicly channeling you could say it in this form, "I am asking that I be insulated and protected in the most benevolent way for me while I'm channeling and bringing through the benevolent Beings who will speak through me." You don't have to say it every time you channel. As Living Prayers these only need to be said once by you.

If you're doing a session where's there's an audience or other people there, you might want to say something that will put them at ease too because there's always the chance that there will be somebody there who's been brought by somebody else and who doesn't really want to be there. 

It's unfortunate when this happens because these people are usually very nervous - they'd rather be anyplace but there - they might even have bad feelings about the whole thing and yet the person who brought them wants to show them or prove to them that it's a good thing. 

So this sets up conflict energy right in the middle of your sensitive moments of making contact with the Beings. During that process you will not only be very sensitive - which is why we always ask people to be quiet while you are easing in to channeling mode - but even after that process while you are channeling it can make it difficult or uncomfortable to maintain the contact in the presence of that conflict energy.

The Being or Beings that you are channeling will feel that and since they will be paying attention to your needs as well as the needs of the people who are there, they might want to end the session until that conflict energy is no longer present.

So - this is something that I've done and I think that it's really important to do it and enforce it as a policy. I've said, "Is there anybody here who would rather be someplace else right now. I'd smile and I'd raise my hand and sometimes there'd be one or two people who'd tentatively raise their hand or zoom their hand up. I'd look at them and say, "Then I welcome you to do that." 

If they've paid to get in you make sure there's somebody available to give them their money back. No guilt games, just a cheerful return. Then after they've left or in some cases are unsure what to do, you say a few words to the effect of how it's important for you to be able to have a benevolent energy present and if people are nervous - that's okay. You understand. 

Nervousness, you might say, sometimes precedes a session because people don't know what's coming through or they're excited, etc. But if people have been brought there by a well meaning person who wants to show them that this is something good and they're uncomfortable or even upset or agitated that actually makes it more difficult and could be uncomfortable to you as the channel and possibly even to others. Thus it would be better for that person to be someplace else for everyone's sake. And of course we want to respect your feelings - to the person who's uncomfortable -  and we do not want people here who have been brought here against their will. 

It would be better if somebody else made this talk for you because you might be in an altered state but if there's not somebody who can do that then you might have to make that talk yourself. 

Now probably you will have felt something already. You may have already felt uncomfortable and that's why you might make a statement like that. 

In a separate situation there may be something in that place where you're going to channel that doesn't feel good so there's another thing that is good for you to be able to do. That thing is that it would be good for you to be familiar with the space where you're going to channel. 

Sometimes it could just simply be somebody's home where people are not always getting along well and the place doesn't feel comfortable to you. In that case, if you're not sure about the place where you're going to channel - perhaps you've never been there before - then this is what I recommend you do before you go to there. 

I recommend you do the following Living Prayer, "I am asking that the places where I channel always be safe and comfortable for me in the most benevolent way for me now." 

When I get to a place where I'm going to channel I walk around the room a bit (try not to touch or interact with other people while you're doing this) until I feel the most comfortable energy for me. That's where I sit if at all possible. Such a welcoming energy usually means that that's the best place for me to channel and that the channeling will be best for all concerned there if that's where I do it. 

So - this is what I recommend. Walk around the room and if you find a place that feels better then the other places ask that a chair be moved there that will be comfortable for you to sit to channel. Not a metal chair - most metal is basically uncomfortable with itself and while it can be transformed it would be best for you to be able to stay focused on why you came there - to channel. 

The way the environment feels is very important, especially if you are just getting started or have only been doing the work for a year or two, so don't be shy to state your needs. If you believe that the place where you are scheduled to channel is going to have uncomfortable energy give yourself permission to do the session someplace else. This is really important.