Saturday, January 5, 2013

Private Sessions

This is something that you really need to build up to slowly. Be aware that when you're having practice sessions with your small group of people that are supporting you or interested in what you're doing or both, which is really important that they be both if possible, that they're going to want to ask personal questions at some point but don't encourage that and if you have somebody helping you, have them instruct the people to not ask personal questions if they have a chance to ask a question. 

At some point you're going to want to field questions when you're doing your practice channeling with your group but I don't recommend that you rush into this even though people in the group might want you to do so before you feel ready. 

Know that in your conscious mind as your day to day persona it's easy for you to field just about any question even if you just say, "I don't know anything about that" for many things that you won't know about. You won't feel too uncomfortable about that. As a matter of fact you probably won't feel anything at all. 

It's completely different when you're channeling. You have to remember that your motivation to channel is to bring through the greatest truths that you can bring through, with the greatest accuracy that you are able to provide, for any individual that you're working with or ultimately for the greatest number of people. 

Your channeling may not necessarily always be 100% accurate while you're working towards your accuracy goals but that's your goal - and really I don't recommend that you consider channeling for a private session until you're as close to sure as possible - meaning not only your opinion but the opinions of others whom you trust or feel good about - that you're 100% accurate. 

So lets get on here and cover your questions about accuracy later if you wish to ask them.

The questions you might field from your practice group initially - they'd have to be instructed to ask things that are basically very simple questions - the type of question you might get is something like, "What's the meaning of the Bermuda Triangle" or something like that.

Everybody and their brother gets asked that type of question all the time in the beginning and while you would probably be able to expound some kind of opinion just as yourself you have to remember that when you're channeling - you as yourself are not speaking. 

You might even have times when you're channeling a Being where a question is asked and your thought would be present in your mind with your response but much to your amazement the Being who's speaking through you doesn't say anything like what you're thinking and your thought just kind of disappears into the background. 

Remember, don't try and listen and follow along to the Being when you're channeling - that's the whole purpose of recording it. You'll be able to listen to the recording afterwards. It's really essential for practice especially - less so if you get further on down the line with your channeling but it's essential to be able to listen to a recording of your channeling soon after you do it, at least that's the optimum to be able to do. 

I know some of you won't be able to do that but if you can that's really a wonderful way because you will have the opportunity at times to hear things, from the Being who's speaking, that you know for a fact that you did not know, had never heard of and is completely new information to you and if it proves to feel right to people and very possibly is right - though don't try and prove whether it's true or not at least in those early stages of practice - then you're going to discover that you are on the right track to channel and your accuracy is coming along. 

More about private sessions: Private sessions are going to make you nervous especially in the beginning. When you build up to a private session you're going to find yourself in a position where you are literally very often channeling answers to people's questions that are deep and so personal that as your day to day personality you wouldn't want to even be asked a question like this much less have to respond and give an opinion about somebody else's life. 

People might ask questions about what happened to them in this or that circumstance or what it means or what might happen if… and so on - they're going to ask questions about the future and they're going to ask questions about the past. Sometimes they will they ask questions about the present and that won't always be too upsetting but generally speaking what they're going to be asking for almost all the time is either explanations of the past that they experienced personally or predictions for the present and future. 

This is going to make you nervous if you have the level of integrity that I hope you do have to do this work. Just know that it's important to start doing your private session work slowly and that's the most important. 

As always I'm rambling around here a bit as I promised you I would when I put these posts up but I'm putting things in here as I'm thinking of them and I'm really in a bit of an altered state of inspiration. That's why I'm rambling around so much :) 

In the group practice sessions, don't encourage people to ask, as I said, personal questions until you feel you're ready for it and then - say you've got 3 people in the practice session for example - then encourage them to ask something that's not really important to them so you can ease into personal questions. 

The reason I say that is that it can be very intimidating because you will be attempting to do something that the other people are not attempting to do. You are going to be, in those moments, totally focusing on remaining connected in the deep channeling state (also called deep trance channeling) and that takes a considerable amount of focus and attention. 

So there's that but all the training you've had your entire life as a conscious day to day being has been to pay attention when people talked to you so you can answer and not feel foolish by saying something that you didn't mean to say. 

So what you're doing runs against the grain of the training of your whole life. While you're focusing on maintaining that deep state so that you can allow as much of the personality as well as the wisdom of the Being speaking through you, your mind is going to be screaming that you have to pay attention to answer the question in a reasonably logical way. That's what you're going to be dealing with while the other people are simply having something that amounts to a conversation. So know that what's going on for you will not have anything to do with what's going on for the other people.

Now there's another factor with personal sessions - also known as private sessions - and that's that if you're channeling a Being where you're allowing - and have also built up over time and in stages your capacity to handle the energies - you're allowing their personality, their knowledge and wisdom and their energy to come through. Sometimes this energy will be strong and other times it will be less so. 

There'll be times in a personal session when the Being feels that words and their own persona are not sufficient to help the person that's being channeled to. At times like that you may feel a sudden wave of energy come through and there might be considerably long periods of time where there's just this powerful energy coming through you and what occurs in that situation is that the other person - especially if they're aware enough that they can feel this energy - they'll just stop talking. 

So there may be a long period of silence and at some point your mind might start worrying about what's going on. Don't though. As long as you feel the energy coming through and they're not talking - meaning the other person you're channeling to - just be quiet. Let the Being do through you what they can do. 

Very often it's this energy that really helps to bring about some benevolent transformation in the questioner. Frequently, you see, people who come to get a private session may not know the real question that they need to ask in the way they need to ask it. 

They have feelings, naturally, about what they want to talk about but they may not always be able to feel comfortable asking the deeper questions that they really want to ask about or they may not really remember or know what those issues are for them. 

So at some point, usually not immediately - usually later on in the session after it's been going for a while and the people have gotten in the rhythm of asking and listening then that wave of energy could happen if it's beneficial for the person at that point in their life. Don't try and make it happen. If it happens it happens. Just know that it's going to happen at some point in a session and maybe from time to time. 

There's another thing that could happen also. Sometimes during that strong wave of energy the Being who's speaking through you might be able to say a few words, though because of the strength of the energy it will be difficult, and when that takes place it's usually happening because they are trying to guide the questioner. 

Sometimes the questioner goes right on willy nilly talking and it's important for them to just relax and let the energy wash over them.

They may not be able to feel it. They may not be aware of it but at some point it will help them - and if it doesn't come at the time of the session it will come to them from somebody else perhaps by something they say or do but it may trigger this energy interaction they had with you with their physical body, with their soul, with their guides, their angels, everyone. It will just act like a battery backup and possibly trigger a situation or be triggered by a situation for them and bring about the inspiration that they needed to have come about in their life in the most benevolent way for them and very often in circumstances where they would appreciate having it. 

You'll probably never know about that but it'll occur and it might just do a great deal of good.

Remember, don't go into this work unless you want to do good - and to put that in the best word that I know of - to do that in a benevolent way. I love that word, benevolent, and that's why I use it often because when the Beings brought it up it made such sense. Look up that word and use its definitions that you feel good about as a model, as a goal and as an ideal for doing this work.