Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Approaching This Work

One of the things you will notice with this work is that it requires not only dedication to accomplish it with all of its details but that it provides an avenue to learn many things beyond which channeling itself can accomplish.

You may be able to get in touch, through channeling, with great and wonderful teachers who will offer you much more than you could have ever imagined - I certainly have.

I will say that it does require dedication to learn it and by learning it I mean learning it well so that you can go as deep as possible and handle as much energy as you possibly can, because not only are the words affective but it is ultimately the energy that transforms.

Sometimes it will be energy through yourself, other times it will be energy that is simply arriving during the event of your channeling and will in the most benevolent way - especially when you request that to be so* effectively serve the needs of the people who are present to stimulate their own spiritual growth along their lines as their souls have chosen to produce, the most benevolent outcome for all who are present.

Other times you will be doing perhaps Living Prayer or Benevolent Magic or even True Magic or more for people that you do not know, who are not present and that you probably will never meet in this life - but you can do the most amazing things if you stay with this work and learn.

It does require dedication. I am not demanding this of you, I'm simply saying that this work can be a pathway to achieve great wisdom - yes - but also and most importantly to pass on this wisdom to others - and wisdom as you know is slightly different than knowledge.

Knowledge is interesting, it is often helpful and more. Wisdom however is the knowledge we apply in our lives because it works. Needless to say wisdom will be different from person to person but that's the beauty of this work. It is flexible. It is not demanding. It is an offering. It will be offered to you and you can offer it to others as you see fit.

It does require dedication. For me I am dedicated to improving the lives of as many people and beings, meaning animals and perhaps plants and others, in the most benevolent way I can. For you dedication might be different. Either way, I wish you on your path whether you join this path or another the most benevolent outcome and … goodlife.

*I do recommend that you establish a blessing, that you request out loud or if you prefer quietly - meaning whispering it also out loud but not only thinking it, that sets the tone of what you desire to produce before each session that you channel.

I recommend that you do this before any session that you channel when you're just beginning (over the years as you work with Beings that you come to trust because of their clarity, truth and inevitably the results of what they have to say as well as the outcome in your life experience you will at times - especially when channeling for yourself simply go ahead with the channeling because of that earned trust) but by the time you've gotten to the point where you're doing public sessions I do recommend that before a public session.

This works not only to support your intentions - meaning you might say something like - I am asking that whatever knowledge and wisdom comes through me at this time for this gathering that it pass through me in the most benevolent way and provide the most insightful, deep and profound wisdom for all those here so that they may take it in, as they choose, benevolently for themselves - but also because the people who are present will be reassured by your making such a statement.

For many of them it will be almost like coming to a special gathering or even something that, while not being church-like or religious has a distinct spiritual tone. Therefore such a blessing or even as someone could say, such a prayer before an event like this can be reassuring to those who are attending your channeling.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Various Thoughts - Bits and Pieces of Advice

Integrity, kindness and respect. Three words that make good goals to live up to. I try to live up to them. Don't get down on yourself if you don't always achieve them.

Once you begin to channel and practice channeling seriously, I recommend that to be the time that you stop reading other peoples channeling. It's important to give yourself a chance without comparing what you're doing to someone else - especially someone who may be further on down the road than you are. Inspiration is not a competition. Always remember that.

Someday when you get good at this you'll probably begin channeling for others. In a private session - meaning you channeling and one or maybe two people there asking questions about their own lives and/or interests, make sure that they or you are taping the session for them.

When the session is over give them the tape or whatever you're using to record. Do not keep a copy yourself. This makes it a private session and serves your integrity as well as their privacy.

Also make it a goal to forget what you channeled in a private session. Some of you won't be able to remember anyway so that won' t be an issue. However others will have some or even more of a memory especially if you're not channeling at a deep level yet. Make an effort to forget.

You know how it is when you wake up from a dream. Strive for that experience so the people who come to you for these sessions will have their privacy.

Channel regularly for yourself and always record these sessions. In the beginning it won't be very accurate. It's good to record it though and listen to it as soon as possible after you stop. After a while it will get better and better and having the habit of listening to the sessions will allow you to notice that.

Don't rush yourself thinking that you only have this or that amount of time to be completely accurate. It'll take as long as it takes. Even years. It took me years to get to that place. That's why it's important to be doing other things with your life so you don't dwell on it so much that your goal overwhelms you and your desire to achieve in channeling becomes distorted in a blur of urgency. Take your time and enjoy the process as much as you can.

Especially if you're Deep Trance Channeling, as it's called - which means that a great deal of energy comes through you and is often felt by others who may be present, remember to drink plenty of water before and during the channeling session.

Instruct the Beings whom you channel to support you and your body. Just talk out loud when you're alone at some point and say something like this, "I am asking that all the Beings whom I channel take good care of my body when their personalities and energy are present within me and drink water to keep me refreshed and do other things that I may need so I will have confidence that I can channel in public and feel safe."

For example, especially in the beginning of your channeling experience, some of you might find that your nose will run or you may sneeze. Don't let this frighten you. Some people are affected in this way. It's entirely associated with getting used to the energy. That affect may last for a while and then it will gradually fade. Be sure that you have tissues nearby within your easy reach while you are channeling so the Beings can reach them if needed to take care of your body.

Be sure and instruct all those who come to hear you channel to stay at least 6 feet away from you while you are channeling and even when you have finished the session to not touch you until you tell them it is okay to do so. It can effect the energy and if you are taking a break, for example in a long session, to especially not touch you. You may need to take a break to go to the bathroom. All that water may have to be released though you may be surprised how you may not notice that during the session the way you usually do.

The reason you need to drink all that water to begin with is that it helps to make it easier to bring in the energy and personality of the Beings you are channeling. Over time you may find that the energy gets stronger as you get more comfortable channeling a specific Being or in some cases if there are individuals present who need the energy to help them spiritually to move along their path the energy may become stronger to accomplish that support.


Did I mention that Deep Trance Channeling will tire you out? You need to get a lot of rest.

You need to get your sleep and eat the foods that feel good to you. You may need to change what you eat in order to keep up your energy for this work.

Beef, or elk if you can get it, will give you strength. Pay attention to what digests well in your body. This could change with the work you'll be doing.

You may find also that you'll work with people, not channeling necessarily or maybe doing that at a very light state of inspiration, who may not be aware that you're working with them. I'm not saying you should do this. I'm not saying don't do this. I'm simply acknowledging that the reason you're even interested in channeling or serving in a fashion like this may prompt you at times to give generously of yourself, your knowledge and your inspiration. Always try do this in the most benevolent way and don't get caught up in any competitive feeling even to achieve something worthwhile.

If you're offering some advice in a moment like that and someone or something interrupts you once or especially twice I usually stop what I am saying because that can often be a sign that what I am offering may not be welcome at that time.

Leave it, let go and relax. Perhaps somebody else will offer that advice or something like it as that person continues on the road of their life, acquires experience and becomes more receptive to such advice.

If you hear that someone offered that advice to them never say that you tried to offer that advice before. Just smile to yourself and know that they heard what they needed to hear when they were ready to hear it.

Conscious Channeling, meaning in a very light state, will not drain your energy very much however in that state you probably will not be able to achieve the deep and profound material and even material that is on the cutting edge - meaning something entirely new.

This is not to say that Conscious Channeling is not good. It is just in a lighter state and may be very effective in some situations.

You have to allow whoever you are channeling to speak according to their own personality. Be clear on the difference between your own personality and the Beings that you channel.

When people come to you to hear what you have to channel for them - remember - they are there to talk to the Beings. If they want your advice afterwards they'll ask for it. Don't volunteer your personal advice unless you are absolutely positively certain that they just asked you for your opinion.

You'll probably be tired and maybe kind of out of it after a session anyway so don't feel obligated to provide your opinion or even socialize at that time. You may have to rest especially if you are channeling at a deep level. Don't feel obligated to hang around and entertain folks. They'll understand. Go into another room by yourself or with a trusted friend or companion who will be quiet and allow you your space to slowly ease back into your normal grounded personality. I always did this on my own. You'll choose how you wish to do it when the times right for you.

It's fine to socialize after you have rested after a channeling session. Some of you however will need to eat - especially protein - almost immediately (no more than 15 minutes) after you have completed channeling. Make sure that's either available or within a very short drive away.

I strongly recommend that someone else drive if you go to a restaurant afterwards especially if you are channeling at a deep level. You'll have all you can do to reorient yourself to your day to day world, become more grounded you understand, without having to pay attention to the road and driving carefully. If someone to drive you is not available then eat some protein and wait at least 20 minutes after that to drive away, assuming you're not at home.

A little more on the Beings that channel through you: Again you'll have to allow them to say what they're going to say. You may even at moments have your own opinion to whatever is asked, however the Beings that you are channeling do not say your opinion. They say what they believe. At times like this, even if what is said you may personally disagree with, you must allow these Beings to speak.

By this time, when you are doing private sessions for people or public sessions for larger groups, you will have become clear on the quality of what the Beings have to say through you. Don't second guess them. Let them speak. Sometimes they may say things that may not be in your favor or perhaps say something in a way that you as your own personality would disagree with. At times like that or even after the session if you have a lingering recollection of what was said remember this - you cannot be attached to the outcome in all ways in channeling. Always remember that.