Monday, March 19, 2018

Sensitivity and Honesty, Principals Part 2

It’s important to remember that a lot of the people who come to see you to get a private reading or a private session or what ever you call it - for them, this will be their last resort and maybe they’ve been to their minister, maybe they talked to their friends or their family, maybe they’ve been asking themselves questions their whole life - why their life is going this way or always be a better way - in short they’re coming to you because you’re their last resort. 

This puts you in a bit of a tricky situation because you want to provide, of course the best possible connection and the clearest possible connection you can make to channel and I know that you know that and I know that you will do your utmost to do that but there’s more.  

There will be times when people want to talk about a session after they’ve had it and you may or may not, depending upon how you channel, have some recollection of what came through you. 

If you don’t have any recollection of what came through you then you’re in a position where you probably need to listen more then talk. But if you have some recollection or if they start talking about it and bits and pieces come back to you - then if they ask you personally rather then the entity you channel what you think about this or that just say what ever your honest feelings are and keep in mind that they’re probably in a sensitive and vulnerable position and many of these people have probably never asked this of someone they don’t know, what ever it is they’re asking. 

So you have to learn essentially how to talk to people - and a interesting thing comes up here - alright. Many of you doing this channeling -alright - may not have always been very glib. Maybe words weren’t easy for you and you wished when you were younger or desired without saying it - you wished that you had all the words you needed in all the ways you needed to say them so that people would know and understand what you were exactly trying to say or that you would be able to help them or comfort them with just the right words. I’m not saying you all are like that but some of you are. 

So know this then, I’m not expecting you to be perfect - you’re human beings and so am I - we’re not perfect but we can try to be as much as we can be in the most benevolent way we can be a good Channel and while the person is there talking to us but only if they want to talk about the session - don’t you bring it up - alright - then we try to be sensitive, kind and considerate if that’s appropriate. Occasionally it isn’t but most of the time it will be. 

So, that’s all I wanted to say about that for now - alright. Goodlife

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Saturday, March 17, 2018


Sometimes people or even groups of people may approach you and ask for you to do something that doesn’t sit well with you. This is what I recommend you say and use as a foundational policy as well: “I only work in the most benevolent way.” This of course is not only a policy but is based upon the following. 

As a dedicated Channel working with the highest good in mind, you know that spirit you interact with and feel their energy is only benevolent. You know this based upon how you feel physically in contact with them as well as what they have communicated to you personally over time. 

Also spirit works only in the most benevolent way and can help to bring about change gently as long as all feel good about any change, slight or moderate, that they themselves might make to provide a change you may have requested for yourself or others, say in Living Prayer or Benevolent Magic for example. This also applies in advice, background information or other that you may bring through in channeling. 

If someone asks you to channel something that goes against your deeply held principals, you don’t have to do that. It might be something religious or philosophical for example. If it is something like that then what I’ve done in the past is to have a list of other Channels that I feel are clear and doing good work as far as I know and will refer that person or group who has made that request to another Channel who might be willing to work with them and their interests. 

If, on the other hand, someone or some group asks you to channel some thing or some entity that feels corrupted or even evil to you physically and/or mentally I recommend you do not do that. Sometimes this can even come up in a group you may have worked with or even an individual who is just curious and seems to be asking because they just wondered about that. It is up to you then to guide them away from that pursuit by simply saying no. 

You cannot save everyone from taking the wrong path but you do not have to run down that path with them to try to bring them back. Some things are just, “No” and that’s all you can do. That’s what I recommend. Goodlife