Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some Aspects About Sensitivity As A Channel

Now there's something else you need to know and that's that it's in the nature of the work of Deep Trance Channeling and the extreme focus in concentration you have to have to maintain your self to be open to such deep profound wisdom - albeit that it comes in a loving energy and that's something personal for you - over time you may find that you become very sensitive to other input - meaning you might become more aware of light phenomena around you, such as seeing Light Beings or other such loving entities but this also suggests something else doesn't it? And that's that you will simply become more sensitive and this might effect other aspects of your life.

It may be that you will begin to perceive things that are there - meaning other forms of life and so on. It won't be anything frightening because the more you get involved with spiritual work like this the more you will become at ease with such things.

There's one thing else that needs to be said and that's because it could effect your social life - not necessarily in a bad way but it could come up and that's that you will probably become sensitive across the board, meaning in every aspect of your life. In some cases this could improve the quality of your life but in other cases people might find you at times to be nervous, high strung or edgy.

If you notice that people find you to be that way or if you get that feeling or if you start apologizing for yourself more than you ever have before then you'll know it's time to move apart from folks for a while - meaning give yourself 2 or 3 days* to just rest, relax, don't work. If you have books you like to read that's a good time to do that but don't read anything too dramatic** or so intellectually stimulating that you become overwhelmed with thoughts. It's a time to relax your mind as well as your feeling self. I'll say more about that in time.



*For some people, besides being apart from people and resting for 2 or 3 days, the ideal might be for a week.

**Also when you're resting during that week or 2 or 3 days don't watch anything on television that's too exciting - and as a general rule of thumb begin to ease yourself away from any entertainments, meaning that which you might read in fiction or watch in TV or go to the movies or see in the theatre, that are violent or even that have aspects of violence associated with the story line. You can read things that are mildly suggestive of violence but not anything graphic or anything like that. It may not have bothered you in the past but it will bother you once you become more sensitive this way.

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