Saturday, June 1, 2019

Growing into a Channeling

Oftentimes in one of your channellings for a private session perhaps or to your students they will hear what they hear for themselves in your teaching but they will also take in the overall lesson that you are presenting with the Being you’re bringing through.
 I think it’s also important here to understand something. Your channeling may be getting printed somewhere, perhaps in a magazine or a newsletter or something else online and providing some good for others but here’s something important to know. 
 When you provide a recording to an individual perhaps or any type of recording of your channeling in any format, especially if it’s personal, it’s important to let people know that it would be good for them to listen to that recording from time to time.
 In life you grow, you change, you have experience. Someone might even be stuck on a repeated experience that’s baffling them. Maybe someone may not have anybody who can channel at the depth that you or others can channel to provide inspiration or advice or maybe they don’t have the advisors they need in that time. 
 Then here’s what they could benefit from doing. Go back and listen to the channeling they have received before. Because of some time of change and life happening, even though they heard the message at the time they received this channeling, that was addressed to their concerns then.
 There may have been things that were mentioned that didn’t quite seem to be timely to them at that time. That’s because they might very well have been meant for the future and perhaps that future has caught up to them now.
 So I recommend that you advise them to listen to old sessions even if they are getting good advice because it is possible to grow into a channeling.


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