Thursday, June 27, 2013

Channel inside a circle of people? I don't Recommend It.

I really strongly recommend that you do not under any circumstances, whether you are a Professional Channel or working towards that, sit in the center of a circle and channel. That seems to be something that people think is really a good thing but it has hazards. 

Primarily it means that people will be behind your back or directly to one side of you or the other. The energies you are channeling may come in through the back of your head, the back of your neck, from the left side of your head or even from the left side of your chest. So I recommend that you do not have people in the audience to either side of you or in back of you. 

The reason is simple. The people who might be sitting behind you - might be sitting to, say your left side for example - they could have thoughts, feelings, all kinds of stuff go through them like all people do - we all have these things but the energy needs to be just right for you - alright - and you need to be able to say - it's alright to say this - that you need to have this and this and this in order to channel well. Not only so that people who are there would be able to enjoy it but so that you will be as comfortable as possible so as to be able to channel in the most benevolent way for all beings. 

It is alright to say that. Remember to state your needs so that everyone is clear and there is as little confusion as possible as to the environment you need. 

There is an exception, as far as those behind you and to either side, that will sometimes happen and that might be if there is a cat or a dog that you feel comfortable with especially if you get the impression yourself that they may be spiritual. 

Perhaps they will lie down and sleep or in the case of some spiritual cats or dogs support the energy of the channeling just by being there. Welcome them if their presence feels good to you while allowing them to come and go as they please.

Now the Beings you channel might at some point invite somebody to come up and sit next to them (you) but that will be up to the Beings, should that ever happen and it is not typical.


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