Saturday, July 21, 2012

Beginning to Channel for Groups of People

Don't be shy about channeling a Being that you've heard channeled before. 

When you get started you're going to identify a form of channeling that you're striving for as something that you've heard from somebody else, very often. It won't be this way for all of you but it will be this way for some of you. 

Given that, it's perfectly alright to channel a Being somebody else is well-known for. I don't recommend that you do this publicly - meaning start off channeling such an entity for groups of people but if it's strictly a practice session and nobody's paying anything to get in there to hear you or you're just working with people that are helping you - that's alright but you must ask them, or have someone who's helping you ask them, to not criticize. 

Remember, people who attend your practice sessions - and I don't recommend you start having groups of people attend until you've practiced quite a bit first but that time will come when you do that - that those people need to be people who are supporting you. 

They don't have to hang on your every word and tell you how wonderful you are but it would be better if they don't criticize especially right after you've come out of the altered state you're in, in order to channel at this deeper level, and may be very open and potentially vulnerable especially at this early stage of your work. Their job is really to consider what they've heard and think about it. 

Also be sure to instruct the people attending, or ask the person who's assisting you to announce that, to be quiet when you come out of your altered state. That will be more gentle for you. Remember, it is alright to request what you need

I feel generally when working in front of groups of people that it's better to have somebody else do these announcements since you may already be, at least partially, in your altered state. Be aware that that state might linger on for you for up to an hour or two after the session is over even though it will be gradually fading so be gentle with yourself and encourage others to be gentle towards you as well or ask your assistant to quietly remind people of that after the session is over.

So you might start also, when you're practicing, channeling various Beings that you've heard of or even Beings that you're not quite sure are real and might actually be fictional - but you don't know that - and it's not really that critical because the purpose of the practice is to learn the fundamentals of channeling as an applied experience at this level - meaning at this point, interacting with the public. Questions might be asked you understand. 

Really though I'd recommend the Being to start out channeling with to be somebody that you're pretty sure that you identify as being spiritual or that you feel good about or both would be best. 

The advantage of channeling - say an old tree is that it does have some basic similarities to who and what we are. It's supported by something external - meaning water and soil, nutrients and so on and it's nurtured by the environment and in short - it has a life cycle. 

Channeling - say a big rock even if you love it, or even a small rock even if you feel really good about it is physically channeling Mother Earth and even though there might be a great many variations of what you might hear in terms of what Mother Earth say, could offer still it's very deep energy and in some cases especially if the rock you're channeling has experienced, as that portion of Mother Earth, something old and perhaps not comfortable you could temporarily take that on and not feel well for a while in which case you could benefit from Clearing*. 

This is something that can be done - say channeling minerals - at some point when you're well on down the road - meaning considerably more experienced - and could possibly even radiate energies at that more advanced point in your experience from - say an amethyst crystal, if it felt good to you to channel that crystal, you are channeling to the benefit of all those present. 

Know also that you will be nervous when you start doing private sessions but more about that next time.


*Sit down someplace quietly - meaning in a quiet environment or lie down. It would probably be best on your back but if you are unable to do that lie down in the way that is best for you. If you lie down don't cross your arms or legs and try to have as little metal on you as possible but you'll possibly have some and don't worry about that.

Then relax a bit and say the following, "I am asking that Gold Light Beings and Light Beings who are compatible with the gold light or compatible with Gold Light Beings or both come now and clear me of any energies or entities or any other that is harming me or harmful to me." Then just relax.

Try not to think. Many of you will feel something. Perhaps you'll feel a warmth. Perhaps you'll feel a relaxed feeling, a sense of energy - a benevolent feeling you see. And just make every effort to not think but if you begin thinking just stop. Don't give yourself a hard time about it. Just stop.

It isn't necessary to visualize white light but if that's what you do that's fine. If you visualize gold light that's also fine but I don't recommend visualizing any other kind of light nor do I necessarily recommend that it's necessary to visualize at all. Just don't think. If it's easier for you to visualize white or gold light that's fine. Just wait and they will clear you out. These beings are very benevolent beings of light and they will help.